Joshfire unveils Le miroir,
the amazing interactive mirror

Polymorphic and multi-purpose, our mirror offers a unique interactive experience with your content. With a simple touch, its reflective surface fades out and appears dedicated applications fitted to give an innovative answer to your business needs.

If you want to run your custom apps on your own mirror: Please contact us

Who uses Le miroir?

SFR Player

SFR has distinguished Joshfire's interactive mirror by presenting it as one of the outstanding 2011 innovations during the last SFR Player event. Visitors of the event had the opportunity to experience innovation by turning an everyday mirror into a complete multimedia station with a simple touch.

France Télévisions

France TV proposed a unique experience to the visitors of the Web 2011 event by presenting Joshfire's interactive mirror. During the event, the public had the opportunity to access the latest version of the website of the channel in an original and innovative way: with a single touch on the surface of the mirror, they saw their reflection fade and the digital content appear.

Espace Démo

The mirror is exposed in our showroom as part of a global experience demonstrating our vision of ubimedia. As a connected device, the mirror communicates with other objects and features new ways to access and broadcast digital content. As a hybrid object, the mirror is an invitation to imagine tomorrow’s digital world.